Atlantic Business Alliance
Atlantic Business Alliance

Atlantic Business Alliance

We believe in the strength in numbers independent businesses provide each other. That strength in numbers gives us the leading edge with on line marketing, web site development, employee benefits, etc.

Atlantic Business Alliance works with independent business owners to build vital local economies based on independent, locally-owned enterprise. Together we help local entrepreneurs compete successfully against chains, online competitors, and others. We are proud to unite locally-owned independent businesses, citizens and community organizations to achieve this goal.

If you are a consumer remember Buying Local Matters!!!

If you are a local business, our hat is off to you for all that you do.

If you are not already a member of Atlantic Business Alliance call us and Get Connected... today!


What Our Members Say...

"Being a small Island business owner, I enjoy the comfort of know I'm dealing with other small businesses. Your friendly service and knowledgeable staff make me feel welcome to PEILocal. Easy to navigate website has helped my customers find me! Thanks all, and keep up the good work!"

-Christine McTague
Christine Closet

"Just wanted to say,"YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST". Not only did my business increase, but I had a lot more traffic on my website, and other social media sites too. The staff are always friendly and so helpful. From the start up site design to new promotions. They could not wait to bring my company's vision to life. Thanks Again."

-Roxann Poirier
Sweet Escape Esthetics

"Most businesses in Nova Scotia are made up of small businesses. Studies show that locally owned businesses create more jobs locally. Buying local builds a stronger community and keeps money in the local economy. Local small businesses also donate more to local charities than larger companies. Helps preserve entrepreneurship! Proud to support NSLOCAL."

-Glenda Foster
Foster's Fire & Safety Ltd.

"Great support for our business. Buying and offering local product has expanded out business."

-John Fletcher
Al's Homestyle Sausage / Fireside Cafe

"NSLOCAL Provides all kinds of great services. Group rates on employee insurance is a big plus for my employees. Also the web page they design for you is free of charge and we all know how important it is to have your business on the Internet these days."

-Donnie Swallow
Swallow's Service Centre Ltd.

"This is Pam. Webpage looks sensational!!! Thank you Bryan and nslocal crew. Great job. Have a good weekend. Thanks!"

-Pam Cleversey
Cleversey's Constuction Ltd.

"The site looks Awesome!!! Thanks!"

-Mya Dubeau
Classy Canine

"I am very impressed with the ad you put in for mother's day thank you so much."

Blooming Garden Florist

"Really appreciate what you are doing for us. You are true to your word."

Prompt Plumbing


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